Obama and the sex life of 12 year olds…

April 17, 2008

Jill Stanek…

…This entire conversation is disturbing, but Obama started it.

So here’s the end of it.

If, God forbid, Obama’s daughters do have sex at age 12, whether by dysfunctional consent or nonconsensually, Obama voted against a parental notification law as Illinois state senator, where his daughters live. So he voted against being notified if they abort.

And as U.S. senator, Obama voted against a law prohibiting interstate trafficking of minors for abortions without parental consent. So an adult rapist could whisk his daughters for an out-of-state clandestine abortion without his ever knowing, by his choice.

Obama certainly thinks his parent-to-child communication skills are better than for either of those scenarios to occur.

But if he also thinks it possible that his pre-teen daughters may “make a mistake” and have sex while living under his roof, he’d better think again.


In Kansas the whisking is only as far as Tiller Killer’s office in Wichita.  He has been harboring rapists of minors for years.

“It is a poverty to decide that a child

must die so that you may live

as you wish.”

— Mother Teresa


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