First Snowflake Family

May 24, 2008

After years of infertility and being diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, Marlene Strege of California began to explore adoption. Her doctor recommended embryo adoption, and she and her husband, John, posed the idea to longtime friend Ron Stoddart, executive director of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Stoddart investigated the idea and eventually created the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program.

After prayer and research, the Streges adopted a frozen embryo, and on Dec. 31, 1998, they became the proud parents of the world’s first snowflake baby, Hannah.

Ten years after her first Mother’s Day, Marlene Strege spoke with CitizenLink about the adoption of their little snowflake.

4. How many snowflakes have been adopted through Nightlight’s Snowflake Embryo Adoption Program?

Hannah was 22 months old when the second and third snowflakes were born — they were twins. Then in June of 2006, we celebrated the 100th and 101st snowflakes — twin girls. Now the number is 170 children born, and 26 (moms) are due.

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion

because if a mother can kill her own child,

what is left for me to kill you

and you to kill me?

There is nothing between.”

— Mother Teresa




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