Colorado’s tax payer dollars at work …

June 10, 2008

or at waste ???

The son of Democratic Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, August Ritter, 22, held a kegger at the state-owned historic Governor’s Mansion in Denver.

The partying appears to have occurred on the first floor of the century-old mansion, which is filled with antiques and historic art.

One invitation said: “We will only be able to do this for another 2 to 7 years (depending on the voters of Colorado) so we need to take advantage of it.”

The governor was out of town, but his spokesman, Evan Dreyer, told the newspaper everyone shown in the party lineup was “of legal drinking age” and also that “nothing was broken in the mansion during the parties.”

The report said the invitation stated few rules: “Mama Ritter has two rules for parties that I have at the Mansion. 1. No throwing up 2. No sexy time.

Me thinks Mama Ritter needs some rules.

Don’t enable your legal age son & his so called friends to mis use state property.

Your boy needs a job.

He also needs some goals.

Questions …

Doesn’t he have a place of his own ?

Does he actually plan to party there yearly till he is 29 ?

If this were a Republican Governor’s son would we have heard more about it ?

Is drinking straight from the keg tasteful ?

“Coming together in prayer

not only galvanizes our hearts

but humbles our spirits

and reminds us

that we are not completely

sovereign over ourselves.”

— Dr. Ravi Zacharias,
honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer


One Response to “Colorado’s tax payer dollars at work …”

  1. yourepidermisisshowing Says:

    Wow. That’s just crazy. And yes, if it were a republican governor, I would have heard about it all the way down here in Alabama.

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