Global warming’s slap-in-the-face hypocrites…

July 29, 2008

Environmental advocates have endorsed carbon neutrality; they purchase carbon offsets to neutralize their impact on fossil fuel consumption and therefore global warming. But why the half-step? Why not try for a negative carbon footprint? Don’t use any hydrocarbons and buy the offsets.

Being “carbon neutral” has also become a trend in business – acquiring carbon offsets to allegedly neutralize the effects of the hydrocarbons they have burned. Typically, this involves planting trees and so forth.

But wait – if they believe that the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming, and if they believe that offsets can be purchased to neutralize those negative effects, then why don’t they cease burning hydrocarbons and also purchase carbon offsets, which would mean a net gain for the environment?

What they are doing is like donating to the humane society to offset the dog fighting ring you run in your garage, and then claiming that you are “dog harm neutral.” The way to remain neutral is not to engage in the behavior at all. Do you think they would get off your back about driving an SUV if you planted a few trees?…

“The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness.”

— William Blake, poet, artist


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