Utah goat rancherette paints portraits of fallen soldiers for free …

August 6, 2008

…then she frames the painting & mails the portrait to the family.  As Bill O’Reilly would say Kaziah Hancock is a Patriot.  The package arrives via FedEx which is one of the corporate sponsors.

Project Compassion Soldier Fund, Inc. is a privately funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization founded by artist and goat rancher Kaziah Hancock in 2003. The organization provides one gallery-quality, 18”x 24” original oil portrait of every American military service member who has passed away on active duty since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to their loved ones, at no cost to them. An official humanitarian partner of the United States Department of Defense and armed services, Project Compassion receives no government funding and depends entirely on private donations, grants and in-kind support. The organization has received honors from national veterans organizations, major corporations and universities, and the United States Congress. A full online gallery of completed portraits to date, downloadable selected media, press releases, frequently asked questions, and more may be found on the Project Compassion website at http://www.heropaintings.com.


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