Protect Sarah

September 6, 2008

Dr. Jack Wheeler explains how civilians will be needed in  PROTECTING AMERICA’S SWEETHEART – Sarah Palin.

The comments on his article are interesting.  As is the picture of his grandfather Lucien protecting Teddy Roosevelt. is not up & running as of yet.

Are the moonbats a threat ?

Thus I am setting up a website with the domain name of  Its purpose is to be a clearinghouse for organizing and coordinating civilian protection – particularly by military veterans – of Sarah wherever she goes on the campaign trail.

This would be an adjunct to, and in no way interfering with, her Secret Service protection.  Just peaceful watching over her.

The site isn’t set up yet but I hope it soon will be.  She has got to be protected and quickly.  The moonbats will fast become a grave lethal danger to her.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

— President Ronald Reagan