Ben Shapiro Top 5 Conservative Characters On “Lost”

LOST starts back soon !


…for harboring criminal illegal aliens.

…what will liberals think of next ?

has posted a UTube video of Charlie Gibson’s Patriot of the week, Rob Robbison.

“There is a place at which God and the cosmic reality are reconciled,

a place at which God and man have become one.

This place does not lie somewhere out

beyond reality in the realm of ideas.

It lies in the midst of history as a divine miracle.

It lies in Jesus Christ, the reconciler of the world.”

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer, pastor, theologian, author

The N word …

July 30, 2008

What the bleep?!

“We have continued reason to express

our profound gratitude to the Great Creator

of All Things for the numberless benefits

conferred upon us as a people.”

— President John Tyler, Dec. 6, 1842

The Texas Attorney General’s office said the guidelines for new elective Bible courses are constitutional. A state law passed last year allows school districts to offer high school courses on the Old and New Testaments and their impact on culture and society.

“There is not a shadow of right in the

General Government to intermeddle with religion.”

— President James Madison, June 12, 1788

Beijing Olympic Topiary Gardens

China escalates Bible crackdown

China: Crackdown Violates Olympic Promises

Official Olympic’s page

August 8-24

NBC Plans New Olympic TV Channels

“We are knee-deep in a culture of death. …

Our moment in history is marked

by a mortal conflict between

a culture of life and a culture of death.

God put us in theworld to do noble things,

to love and to cherish our fellow human beings,

not to destroy them. Today, we must choose sides.”

— The late U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde,

in support of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act,

which finally became law in 2003


June 17, 2008

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What’s in a barrel of oil ?

One barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil.

“I’m sure that if Founders such as

James Madison, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson

were campaigning for the 2008 presidential elections,

expressing their vision of the federal government’s role,

today’s Americans would run them out of town on a rail.”

— Walter Williams