February 2, 2009

The Deficit and the Porkulus…


What’s in a barrel of oil ?

One barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil.

“I’m sure that if Founders such as

James Madison, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson

were campaigning for the 2008 presidential elections,

expressing their vision of the federal government’s role,

today’s Americans would run them out of town on a rail.”

— Walter Williams

Thomas Sowell writes :

A whole cottage industry has sprung up among people who get grants,

government agencies who get appropriations,

politicians who get publicity

and the perpetually indignant who get something new to be indignant about.

It gives teachers something to talk about in school instead of teaching.

Those who bother to check the facts often find that not all those who are called scientists are really scientists and not all of those who are scientists are specialists in climate.

But who bothers to check facts these days?

Rush Pearl of Wisdom:

“Global warming has all the elements of a religion:  

creation of the divine, original sin, a Garden of Eden —

and then it’s got penance!

The most important element

that it has is faith,

because the people who believe in it

can’t prove it.”

That is Burt Prelutsky’s bumper sticker….he goes on to add :

The idea of conservatives sitting out the November election so that one of the two awful liberals will wind up in the Oval Office, commander in chief of the best and the most powerful nation on earth, doesn’t strike me as being politically astute. Frankly, I regard it as smarmy, ruthless and cynical. One of my brighter readers summed it up very neatly, suggesting it was like wishing cancer on a loved one as a way to make them stop smoking.

His previous article …

Worse yet, these disenchanted Republicans have to pray that the Democrat’s administration will be as awful as Jimmy Carter’s was, and that, come 2012, a Reagan clone will ride his white steed straight into the White House. How silly can you be? First, you have to hope that, with a sagging economy, gas at $3.40 a gallon and the constant threat of Islamic terrorism, things will get even worse for America. Next, you have to hope that there is another Reagan out there. If there is, I’d like to know where he’s been hiding.

I say it pays to remember that the first, best thing that Ronald Reagan did before turning his attention to inflation and unemployment, even before pounding the final nail into the Soviet coffin, was defeating the smarmy disaster known as Jimmy Carter.

So, first things first. If the single greatest accomplishment John McCain performs is to keep Mr. Obama, the slogan-spouting radical, and Mrs. Clinton, the woman who never met a tax she didn’t want to raise, out of the White House, we’ll all owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.

I remember the 80’s. Bought our first home when mortgage rates were 17%. Ended up with an owner finance @ 12%. Thank you Jimmy Carter.

Only have 2 reasons to vote for McCain….Billary & Obama.

Rush Pearl of Wisdom:

“Thinking people are the

worst thing that can happen 

to liberals.