Was she handled ?

Has she been reinvented ?

Bo Snerdley’s take …

“To say that the fetus is just a chunk of tissue

is to deny it dignity and to legitimize

a violent act of destruction of another human being.”

— Former abortionist Bernard Nathanson


Creation Museum

August 22, 2008

Live near Cincinnati & Kentucky ?

Visit the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum.

“The future of our children and grandchildren

hangs in the balance on Nov. 4.

Will they inherit an America based

on our Judeo-Christian heritage

or will they inherit a secular,

godless society where individual

responsibility and freedom have disappeared?”

— Tony Perkins, president of FRC Action

Our Body …

August 20, 2008

…the Universe within.

Exploration Place in Wichita is offering this exhibit.

There are exhibits of human bodies from China.

The exhibit expands visitors’ knowledge of the Musculoskeletal System, Central Nervous System, Urinary & Reproductive Systems, Digestive System, Circulatory System, and the Respiratory System. The layout of the exhibit moves visitors through each system with specimens and anatomical parts.

Here is info on the preservation process.

Not sure how I feel about paying to see this.

What do you think ?

“A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., U.S. Supreme Court justice, 1902-1932

When illegal Mexicans and Guatemalans were carted off from Postville, Iowa, the largest US kosher meat packing plant, legal Somalis stepped in.

Goat meat is a staple in Somali food.

Muslims work with rabbi bosses.

“We strongly believe societies that allow

the free expression of ideas tend to be

the most prosperous and the most peaceful.”

— President George W. Bush, in Beijing

27 questions….

Would this motivate some or be a deterrent ?

How did you do ?

Can you hear the liberals howling if we had to test to vote ?

However, it did not examine the food for any health risks associated with the use of chemicals.

Why do you purchase organic ?

…for harboring criminal illegal aliens.

Students touring California Capitol break into a ccapella version of the national anthem. Told to stop unless have a permit.

…what will liberals think of next ?

…a former campaign aid is claiming that honor. Edwards was to be interviewed on Nightline last night.

National Inquirer sources say Edwards is father.

Where is drive by media investigative reporting ?

Guess he won’t be choice of VP.

The Drudge Report has a number of links to this story.